The beginning, part b

Having just put the blog up the other day, I have a lot of thoughts going through my head. People have commented how it’s inspirational what I am doing, but I don’t know if I want to achieve that with the audience who is saying this. Yes, it is nice to hear that and it’s a good ego-boost, but I want to inspire people who are scared of taking that big leap into the world. Because that is exactly what I am doing and I am shit scared. But I am doing it. Well, assuming everything goes well and I can actually get a plane ticket. Back to my point, hopefully this experiment will help people take the plunge.

Anyway, where I finished off yesterday was when I told my parents about my plan, which went down smoothly by the way. I think they didn’t really believe it and thought the idea would pass, just like a lot of my plans do. And really, it took until January this year for anything to happen. In my head I dreamt that I would be able to go off to New York for three months, working and exploring, but my parents and I realized that that wasn’t realistic and I needed a tighter, shorter plan. Even this plan was a dream and there were (and are) many things in the way.

David and Deborah have been great supporters of this trip and have helped work my parents towards feeling reassured. David has found accommodation on 39th St, two doors down from the foundation. This is an important factor, because taking trains in the city is not an option for me and I could bus in but not all buses have wheelchair access. Then again, maybe I’m lazy and I just can’t be bothered busing and training. Whatever the reason may be, David found a hotel called The Comfort Inn ( website is one of my links). Breakfast included, which is a good thing, minimizing the money I will spend and accessability will be easier.

While travelling and accommodation are major issues to organize, other issues, such as hailing a taxi or seeing a play at the theatre, are issues that need to be dealt with and considered. These are things I take for granted here. I have an awesome taxi driver who always helps me out and I can depend on him and his other drivers. Attending the theatre or seeing a movie here is easy as well. These things I have to plan ahead but because I know these areas and I can drive and throw my frame in the back seat, I can do these things. Going to unfamiliar places is always tricky and a lot of planning has to be done in advance.

These were some of the concerns my mother had when we first started talking about the trip. Trying to manage the streets of New York, waking through the mass of people without tripping over while still trying to take in every little thing, is a big freaking deal.

This long winded rant has a point and that is: do I need a carer to go with me or can I brace the big, scary city on my own?

The answer to this has been answered, but the story will be told in my next blog.

Is it possible for a person with a mild disability to be able to travel independently?


2 thoughts on “The beginning, part b

  1. Hi Tully,

    great reading your blog over lunch today and I certainly wish you a fantasic time! All our clients here participate on a combine Ablelinks blog and some of the students have also made up there own, so I will certainly add your blog to our favorites. Once you get the hang of the blog you will be able to add some photos too and we look forward to seeing those and hearing more of your journey. Val.

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