A whirlwind

Blog entry 3

Before I continue with my story, I want to mention what’s been happening since this blog began (only three days ago!).

I am a Social Worker at Yooralla, an organisation that supports people with disabilites. We provide a number of different services but our overall goal is to help empower them. Funnily enough, since I started working with my clients, they have helped empower me. You could say, they gave me the courage to contact the foundation.

With all this empowerment going on, my blog will hopefully do the same thing to someone else.

So…I wanted to get my blog out there and had the web address sent around Yooralla and it ended up with the people in PR. Suddenly they want to write an article about this Blog in their next newsletter. Now the number of people I will reach will hopefully increase.

Other ideas have been mentioned and they may happen, but I will write about them when I know for sure that they will happen.

I am still shocked at how big this may become but I have to remind myself why I started it and I have to enjoy every moment.


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