Care to share?

People have been giving me some great feedback to my blog. Some have complimented my writing and that means a lot to me, especially since I doubt my writing skills. So thank you to those people. I hope this entry meets your expectations.
My last entry about the trip ended on the topic of carers. As a person with a disability, I personally haven’t had the need for one. That may be because I have two amazingly supportive parents who have helped me in times of need and crisis.

I will admit that my walking frame hasn’t been great when walking on uneven surfaces and have had to have people hold the frame. So mum is worried about me walking the streets of New York and would love for me to have someone walk with me.

A carer would also be able to help me access different venues that have stairs and no lifts.

The thing is, my parents raised me to be self-sufficient and not be dependent on others. I find myself saying no to people when they offer to help as a result of this upbringing.

Also, asking for help is a sign that I am deteriorating and less capable than others. Something I am not ready to believe.

Anyway, mum and I went through a phase where we considered I take someone with me. This would involve paying for their airfares and accommodation and they would help me get around and be on call if a crisis were to occur.

This sounded great in theory. During the day I would be occupied at the FD Foundation so the carer would be able to do whatever they wanted and only spend time with me when I needed them. I thought who would say no to a free holiday. I never really thought that I would be taking the person away from earning an income.

Was that selfish of me?

If I were to hire a professional carer, then yes, that would have been selfish and wrong. But Mum and I were looking at non-professionals and so I don’t think it’s selfish or wrong.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Care to share?

  1. Not all people earn their income from employment (e.g. retired or unemployed people on super or government benefits, etc.). Even if they are employed, they could maybe take annual leave. So there are other possibilities.

    So what did you do in the end?

    • Hi Liron. You’re right, there are other possibilities. I decided in the end to go by myself because most of the time I will be with people from the foundation and they are organizing chaperones for every night that I am there. The hotel is two doors down from the foundation so I won’t be needing assistance.

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