And the journey begins…

The other day I went to the travel agent with my mother. Our plan was to book my tickets to New York (!) and I thought it was going to be easy. But of course most things in life aren’t easy and there’s usually a lot of paper work involved along the way.

I have to tell you all here and now that I am terrible at medical terminology, even when it comes to my own condition. I will tell you that people with FD do not respond normally to changes in the level of carbon dioxide and oxygen in their environment and when this does occur a number of things can happen.

1. breath-holding until the point of losing consciousness.
2. abnormal breathing patterns during sleep.
3. drowning – due to the person being unaware of their need to come to surface and breathe.
4. Loss of consciousness when flying or traveling to high altitude.

So, this rambling has a reason behind it. I need an oxygen tank when I go on long flights, as I’m at risk of losing consciousness. Arranging this involves lots of forms, doctors permission and extra money to pay for the oxygen. Qantas, whom I am flying with are very helpful. Usually you have to buy an oxygen tank for every sector. The way I am planning my trip, I will fly from Melbourne to Sydney (without oxygen tank and a different plane to the next part of the trip)) and then Sydney to LA to New York, all of which will be on the one plane.

The cost of the tank is $200 and it fits either underneath the seat or behind it. Normally you can book it seven days before the flight, but my travel agent has recommended to me to do it now. Ask me why and I can’t answer you. This has something to do with my travel insurance and this is what I will be looking into this week.

And emergency buttons. Oh, and shopping on-line.

It’s Passover, I have work and I will be doing all this extra research. This is going to be one hell of a week.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “And the journey begins…

  1. Hi Tully – You’ve started a blog – how fabulous. What a wonderful way to share ideas, network and communicate. As you know I’m a great fan of yours and will continue to follow your journey.
    xx Suzette.

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