Making life a little bit easier

House keeping stuff

1. On-line shopping: as you all know I finally cracked and made an order with Coles. This morning, at 11.20, a delivery man showed up with my groceries. All my orders showed up but it did show up 20 minutes late.

2. Emergency button: I spoke to someone from the Glen Eira Council and someone is coming on Friday morning to assess me. I find it weird that I have to prove I’m disabled enough.

3. I applied for my American Visa which you can do online and it only takes 10 minutes at the most.

In regards to the emergency button, a welfare worker visited me today.
She implied that the more desperate the situation the better my chances are of getting the button.

As I recently had that fall the worker believes my case is strong enough. This service is free but there is a waiting list of approximatly five months. I can pay an upfront fee of $100 and $30 per month until I am at the top of the waiting list.

I have been having issues with taking out the rubbish bin. It is difficult for me to push it along and the only other resident in the building is a very elderly woman! Can you believe that she has been doing this for a long time.

The welfare worker suggested getting a support worker to take care of the bins. It will cost $5.20 per week which is fine by me.

I know this entry isn’t that exciting or personally revealing but one of the aims of this blog is to show the possibilities available to people with a disability.

O, and sorry for the late entry. Life has been busy at the moment and I have had writers block. Hopefully I am back on track now.


One thought on “Making life a little bit easier

  1. .Hi Tully,
    I found you through “Yooralla”and I love your blog.
    Good luck with your work/holiday, you are going to have a great time in the US.
    You dont need a carer!! just give that great smile of yours and people will come running to help you.
    Enjoy your self and come back with lots of photos .

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