Nothing’s perfect

House keeping:

1. Online-shopping: as some of you may know, I had my groceries delivered through Coles on-line. I have a few things to note: the delivery fee was $13 and the vegetables weren’t fresh. On the plus side, they got the order right and they have a wide selection to choose from.

However, I joined Aussie Farmers Direct this week just to see what they have on offer. Their selection is limited but they pride themselves on offering what’s in season and having no delivery fee if you order more than three items. They only offer a limited range of times for delivery and most of these times I am at work or have my regular appointments. I have made an order and will inform you on how it went.

2. Emergency button: My uncle received a letter which requires him to give some details and confirm that he agrees to be an emergency contact. Each emergency contact person must agree to this and have a key to my flat. I am accessing this service through the Glen Eira Council and they believe my case justifies receiving the service. I have been helping someone access this service through the Darebin Council and they don’t usually provide this to someone who works because they consider the person as not being socially isolated. This may be true during the day, but what happens at night? If this person were to fall and isn’t able to reach the phone, she may be stuck for hours waiting for someone to contact her.

The Council has agreed to meet with her and assess her situation. Hopefully she will be approved and get the service. It doesn’t seem right that the councils don’t follow the same criteria and someone who really needs the support may miss out.

Moving on…

Travel insurance.

I have applied for travel insurance through Cover-More and my travel agent says that they are pretty good and reasonably priced. For some reason I have gotten it into my head that they won’t want to cover me due to the fact that I have a pre-existing condition. With this in my mind, I contacted Australian Unity, who provide travel insurance, and I have to have a medical form filled out and then my case will be reviewed. I have also contacted Aussie Travel and I don’t have to get a doctor to complete a form for me, but my case would still have to be reviewed.

It just doesn’t seem right that a person with a pre-existing condition cannot be covered. It’s like saying the condition is the person’s fault and they must suffer the consequences.

Cover-More may insure me. Keep your fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “Nothing’s perfect

  1. It’s interesting the limitations that people try to impose on you. I tried seeking assistance through the council for some home help stuff. I was told becaue I wasn’t on any benefits from Centrelink (because I work), I wasn’t eligible.

  2. Also, in relation to travel insurance. Year before last, I tried going to Ecuador with uni for 7 weeks to work in an orphanage as this would have been relevant to my anthropology major.

    My experience with travel insurance really put me off. I was told that because of my “condition”, I would have to buy the tickets first, then apply for travel insurance, and there was no guarantee I would get the travel insurance because of my “condition”. The catch was, if I didn’t get the travel insurance, I couldn’t get a refund on my tickets.

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