The time has come! Let the planning begin!

House Keeping:

On-line shopping: Last night I went to bed wondering what time Aussie Farmers Direct would show up with their fresh bread, eggs, milk and cheese. This morning I woke up with a bag of groceries sitting at my front door. It felt like the olden days when milk was delivered every morning. No delivery fees, fresh produce and on time. I have no complaints about this service.

Carer support: Through the Glen Eira Council I have arranged to have someone come to the apartment to take the rubbish and bring it in the next day. Yesterday was the first day and the woman showed up and took the rubbish out. She showed up this morning at 11 but the rubbish hasn’t been taken yet. She will come back later to bring it in. While this may be boring to you, this makes my life a little easier and enables me to be as independent as possible without asking for help from a family member.

Travel insurance: Last entry I wrote about my inability to get travel insurance due to my pre-existing condition. However, I’m pleasantly surprised that Cover-More will insure me fully. Not only that, but if I pay extra, I will be covered for 12 months, which is good because I may go away at the end of the year. When Mum found this out she was so relieved. I guess it’s a big deal that her little girl is embarking on a big trip on her own. Now that the travel insurance has been worked out, the fun can begin.

The list is endless as to what I want to do in New York but there are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration. I want to walk the streets of New York and learn a bit of its history and this involves going on a tour. Tours usually involve a lot of walking or a lot of hopping on and off a bus, things that are too hard for me to do.

A while ago someone suggested I look up the Big Apple Greeters. This is a not-for-profit organisation that provides free tours to tourists. They also provide specific tours catered to people with a disability, given by people with a disability. I suppose being shown around by a person who understands and can relate to my situation would be beneficial, and they would know of the accessible places and the easiest routes to get there. However, I would also like to access the non-accessible places and this could only happen if I had an able bodied person who could assist me when climbing stairs or getting out of a car/bus. I have a feeling that the organisation does cater to these issues and hopefully I will be able to make the most of the tour. The organisation also likes to match the tourists with people who have similar interests. This process  takes them a while and it doesn’t always work out, and so I may not be able to use this service.

Readers: if you have any suggestions for places to go to, things to do please leave a comment on this entry. The time has come for me to prepare a schedule and I want as much information as possible.


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