A slight change in plans throws a spanner in the works

Due to a few complications I am now going to New York a day earlier.
This means I am going in twelve days. Let me just say: I will be in New York in twelve days! Excuse the repetition; I just can’t believe it’s actually happening,

So many things need to be done before I go and even though I hate burdening people with lists, the next few entries are going to contain lists of things I need to do and of places I want to go to.

I’ve already mentioned the Big Apple Greeters but I haven’t told you about my latest addition to my schedule. I will be going on an evening tour of Harlem, having a meal (soul food!) and then going to the Cotton Club to listen to jazz music.

The bus has wheelchair access and no major walking is involved. These are things I look into when organizing activities. It’s amazing how the little things are so important and how they can impact my days. And so, this brings me to my first morning of my trip in NYC.

Because I am arriving in NYC a day earlier I had to book another night at the hotel. Due to it being tourist season I am unable to get a room at the Comfort Inn and so I have to spend one night at the Candlewood Suites.

This raises a few issues. Breakfast is not included and there’s no room service. Part of my FD includes having low blood pressure and one way of treating it is having a good, filling breakfast.

It is too hard for me to go out for breakfast without having at least a drink (no, not a shot of whiskey) to get my energy levels up.

Some of you may consider this complaining, but you have to remember, having a chronic illness can affect every aspect of a persons life. If I don’t have breakfast in the morning, I am unable to leave the comfort of my room with a skip in my step and energy to take on the day’s challenges.

So, thankfully the FD Doundation has offered to provide breakfast for that morning. But, my colleague just reminded me that there won’t be any dinner available at the hotel the night before. And so, the drama continues…


3 thoughts on “A slight change in plans throws a spanner in the works

  1. Hi Tully.

    There are various companies that let you order food from restaurants and they deliver it to you. There is/was such a company in Melbourne and the Gold Coast, so maybe there are such companies in Manhattan. The Candlewood Suites would know the most about this. Then again, there’s always pizza.

  2. Tully! Trust me, New York pizza is unlike anything else. You will love it!
    Oh and i did that soul food tour! I went to the cotton club and had soul food. Its was an out of body experience, in the best possible sense!! 🙂

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