More hiccups along the way

Seven days to go. Just kidding. Six days to go.

Monday was a hellish day for me. Have you ever had a day at work where all these things pop up that have to get done but you just can’t focus? Well, that happened to me yesterday. I got my work done and I believe I did it well, but all I wanted to do was focus on my trip.

As you all know, I am staying at the Comfort Inn because it’s near the foundation. This will make life a lot easier for me. What you don’t know is that I have put up the wrong link on my blog. That Comfort Inn has a door man, room service and restaurants. The one I’m staying at has none of that.

I don’t believe I’m a princess and that I have to stay at a five star hotel. But as I have previously mentioned I have low blood pressure and I get weak and tired quite easily. Having the option to stay in and eat in my room is highly helpful and having a door man helping me hail taxis and putting the frame in the car would be fantastic.

So, Mum did a bit of research and found a hotel called The Lucerme. It’s on the Upper West Side and right near Central Park and the infamous Zabar’s. It has breakfast, room service and a door man. It’s not so close to the foundation, but I can always taxi to the foundation with the assistance of the doorman!

One last thing. In one of my earlier entries I discussed the pros and cons of going with a carer. I decided it wasn’t necessary and I am happy to tell you all that the foundation has organized chaparonss for me. When I go out I will be supported and have company. The foundation is paying for this and I am very grateful.

Also, thank you to those who have been leaving me messages. The information is very helpful and the support is wonderful.


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