One sleep to go

I only have one sleep to go, and the reality of the trip hasn’t set in yet. I’ve been planning this trip since late last year. I have told anyone and everyone that I am going to New York. I’ve been writing this blog for just over a month. And yet, I can’t help but think when I wake up tomorrow morning, I’ll be going to my usual pilates session and watching cooking shows by 4pm.

I’ve already done the blog entry on how jealous I was of people traveling on their own. I’ve already written about the enormity of this trip and how every little things has to be taken into consideration. I’ve even written about the tours I will be going on. I feel as if I’ve covered everything, so what’s the point of writing this entry? Why not wait until I get to New York?

Because I’m nervous. I have this niggling feeling going on inside me, telling me that I’m not going to make it back home. And that is my last day here, so I should leave one last entry for you all to have. Maybe I’m morbid. Maybe I’m stupid. It’s just a feeling and three weeks are going to fly.

People have been so supportive throughout this whole planning process. Giving me tips, places to go, contacts to call when I get there. All this support has kept me going and more determined to go and have one hell of a time.

So this entry isn’t about anything specific. It’s more a culmination of my thoughts and a space for me to say thank you to everyone for supporting me and encouraging me. Without that I probably wouldn’t be going tomorrow.

So. keep checking my blog for updates and wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “One sleep to go

  1. Well, you should be up in the air by now, headphones on and watching the first of many movies. We’re missing you already, darling, but we’re comforted by knowing what a great experience this trip will be.

    We love you and are so proud of you. You’re an absolute inspiration.

  2. Hi Tul,

    By the time you read this you will be in the Big Apple! I was very upset not to have called you before you left to wish you a safe and wonderful trip. Make the most of everything and don’t worry about Mum and Dad. We will look after them! Have a fabulous time. We are really proud of you and the courage you are showing. Love from Penny and Milton

  3. Tully, You are an inspiration to me and I know someone my daughter Victoria will look up to in the future. Your journey inspires me to look to a bright future for Victoria and I look forward to meeting you and your family soon. Looking forward to your next blog enty. Have a safe trip.


  4. What an achiever. There is no-one that wouldn’t be so proud of you Tully. May all your dreams come true. With love Fay and Nick

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