Day 3

So, the aim of this blog is to talk about the difficulties a person with a disability faces when they travel on their own. When I wrote my last entry I left something out because I was embarressed and angry at myself, but I have thought about it and I think it is important to be honest in this blog.

Once David and I finally got to the Gem Hotel, after we got out of the lift I was in an awkward position and fell. I didn’t hurt myself, I just think I was tired and rushing to get to the room. I had just been on a 19 hour flight, I’d been out for dinner and had to change hotels. I have this thing in my head, where falling shows failure and so when it happens I get angry at myself. I need to learn to be easier on myself.

Anyway, when I finally moved into the Comfort Inn it was nearly 2:30pm and I hadn’t had lunch yet. I ordered in! I got chinese delivered to my hotel room. Call me a dag, but I got excited. I finally got to try an egg roll. However, it wasn’t that good, but it looked cool and I took a photo. My bbq duck on rice didn’t come in one of those boxes but it was nice enough.

In the evening, David and Deborah took me out to an Italian restaurant called Cafe Fiorello near Lincoln Centre. We got there at 6pm and it was already packed and yet they assisted us with my frame (they call it a walker) and put it away and brought it back when we left. I think it’s common for them to have an appetiser and then an entre so this is what we did. I had zuccini parmasarna which was really tasty and then I had orrecetti with broccoli and herbs – YUM. We then shared dessert – lemon tart and profotorolls (is that the right spelling?). A very nice meal and yes, I took photos.

This morning I woke up at 5:30am and skyped with my parents – well, mainly Mum. Still finding that a little weird and I think my parents feel the same way.

Sorry for all the details, but I will give a bit more re breakfast:

1. I finally got to try half and half. It doesn’t taste that much different to milk.

2. I sat with two Canadian girls who are visiting for a few days. They seemed nice.

3. I swiped a muffin and banana for later.

I am changing rooms to a bigger a room which also has a flat surfaced shower rather than a bath bottom. The man at the desk has offered to move my bags for me but I feel that I should be there when they do it. I may be a bit too trusting of people and I need to work on that.

I am now at the office, waiting for them to give me some work. I walked to the office on my own and nearly everyone I walked past said hello.

I’ll update again tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Tul, am so proud of you. Day 3 and you sound so settled 🙂 Enjoy every minute and keep those blogs going…am loving getting an update on your adventures every day. xox

  2. Sounds already like a fabulous trip Tul!
    Detail is great. Keep up the posts. Looking forward to seeing the photos.

    Pity about the weather…have some chicken soup with matzo balls and think of me!

  3. Hi Tully,

    You made it to NY I am so excited for you. Lois and I have been reading your blog and loving all your comments about everything. I think it’s great that we can still talk across the office desk from our Reception in Melbourne to your new office in NY. It’s bizarre that you can talk to your mum on skype are you sure you’re in NY and not in your apartment LOL. Would love to see photos of your hotel room can you put a website link in for use. I like that you swiped a muffin and banana for later you just never know when you’ll get your next meal when overseas next time take two! I think profriteroles are spelt like this, still editing the spelling I know… Relax and enjoy yourself from the girls at your Melbourne office.

  4. Hi Tully
    Delighted for u! Ny is an amazing place & u can never get too much of its vibrance.

    enjoy it, what an unforgettable experience.
    you’re an amazing person & really deserve this trip
    have a ball!
    I recommend the free ferry ride across to Staten Island for the view of Manhattan I do it every time I’m in NY. It’s unforgettable. Just go across & come back to absorb the view of the tip of Manhattan.(not at peak hour)

    love, Rachel & Simon

  5. Hi Tully,
    I was in respite when you left, so didnt get to say “Bon voyage” and good luck with the flight. Sounds as though you didnt need it, changing planes is bad enough when you dont have a disability.
    BTW, a friend suggested you visit Chelsea Market, evidently is is very interesting.
    Bob is another Wheelchair Junkie, who lives in NY and suggested some other interesting places to visit.
    Come on, show us the pictures you are mentioning and dont tease us!! I want to see what an American egg roll is, must be different to what we get here.
    Back to doing time sheets now, some of us have to work!!
    Keep on telling us all the little things, they are what makes your experience so real to us. —

  6. Hey Tully,
    I forgot,- try and not get too upset by the falls, just relax on the way down so you dont break anything!!!
    Eventually you sort of get used to it and stop feeling embaressed, just takes time.
    By the way, 6 deg. in Melbourne this morning, must be better where you are.

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