Out on the town

Last night was amazing. I am terrible with directions, so when I try to explain the locations and lengths, you might get a bit confused. I am saying sorry in advance.

David and Deborah arranged for two girls to take me out and show me around. Last night was my first night with Kaitlin and we checked out Times Square. But before we did that, I have to tell you all that I had my first New York hot dog. While it wasn’t from a vendor, it was still pretty cool. I have to ask Kaitlin to remind me of the name. Maybe is she reads this today she can add a comment with the info. I got to try her cheese fries, which didn’t really do it for me, but she said they weren’t so great and maybe I should try somewhere else.

I am staying on 39th st near 8th avenue. Times Square is about two blocks up from there and continues up to 49th st. Kaitlin and I walked that distance. Can you believe I did it? It was tiring but I was so proud of myself. The closer we got to Times Square, the flashier the signs got and the amount of people increased. We walked past Planet Hollywood, TGIF, theatres, restaurants, police cars, police men, men selling dodgy Prada bags and a Bubba Gump restaurant. As some of you may know, I love saying Run, Forrest, Run. They sell tops and caps with this slogan and so I had to take a photo of it. I made Kaitlin take the photos because it’s hard for me with the walker (I got it rigjht! I didn’t type frame!). I made Kaitlin stop a few times because I was tired but also because I wanted to take in the atmosphere. There were so many people! And so many people trying to sell tickets to comedy shows.

We went into Toys R Us and it’s huge! There’s a ferris wheel in the middle of the shop and it has three levels. It has a big Barbie house and you walk in and there are barbies everywhere. I think you can see a photo of a barbie for over $100US. They also had a huge Empire State Building made out of lego.

After that I had to have another rest but when I saw the M n M shop I knew we had to go there. Three levels high, tshirts, pj’s nighties, lip gloss tasting like chocolate. I bought my cousins a heart shaped container filled with mnm’s.

Obviously I couldn’t walk back to the hotel so we hailed a taxi. By the time we got back it was around 10pm. We’d been on the go for nearly four hours.

Kaitling was amazing. She told me some of the history of NYC, put together a list of what we can do together, helped with the walker when I was a bit nervous and gave me a book of tourist info. I am really grateful to have her help during this trip.

Extra comments:

1. I too a photo of half and half with my iphone for Mel so I’ll upload it at some time.

2. I had my first waffle and it was great! A lot stodgier than the ones in Melbourne.

3. I am hopefully going out for Friday night dinner at one of the parents from the FD foundation.

4. Still waking up at around 6am. While it’s annoying it does give me the time to Skype with my family.

Keep the comments coming…


8 thoughts on “Out on the town

  1. Tully, what an inspiration. Keep having a ball and writing all about it. Don’t forget to grab a pastrami on rye….maybe try Katzy’s 😉

  2. Hi Tully,

    I think Lois would have secretly liked to have crawled into your luggage too and popped out at the M&M store. Really enjoying reading about NY and travelling along with you in my mind. Love that you’re trying out so many new things.

  3. Hi Tully,
    Just back from Gold Coast and your blog is the first thing I read on my computer – am so excited for you …. cannot believe you are actually in New York and doing so much – it is fabulous and I shall vicariously enjoy the big apple with you. Love Suzette.

  4. Hi Tul, Not sure if I placed the comment in the right place so I am just saying it again! You are AMAZING! We are very proud of you and I love reading your blog. Just more restaurant info please!!! Love Penny

  5. I just had to tell you how much I am enjoying your blogs.The vibrancy brings a feeling of immediancy to every one of your experiences.I’ts not polished but it’s REALYou really have the gift===in spades. You should be even more ambitiois and consider doing a dairy(blog} but in exactlt the same way as these blogs FRESH love carl

    • Hi Carl

      It’s so nice that you’ve been reading my blog! People have suggested I continue with the blog once I get back, but really, my life isn’t that interesting. This trip is interesting and I am glad people are getting caught up in the stories, but I don’t know if I should continue.

      Thanks for the message,

      Love Tully

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