quick note: I have uploaded my photos and put 2 up on the blog. I think if you click on them you c an access my flickr account which means you can access all my photos. Could someone please tell me if this happens.

A proper entry will be coming later today.


3 thoughts on “photos

  1. Ditto – the photojournalism you do is another great dimnesion to your story

    and in itself – food, faces, cityscape, in-flight bottles, and of course the self=portrait – cool pink glasses! – its a delight to view…

    awaiting more and more…

  2. fantastic photos…..
    the barbie house was so amazing and so pink. loved it. makes me want to search for my old barbie dolls and display them around the house. unfortunately i dont think that i ever had a barbie doll!!!
    we are all pink with envy about your adventure.
    with love….

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