2nd try


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4 thoughts on “2nd try

  1. Tulush!!

    I just had alook at your photos and wow!! looks like your having the best time ever!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your with such a smile on your face. I just read what you did on the weekend and my god I bet you were tired come Monday morning. Have u gone to Ruby’s cafe yet? or the magnolia’s the cupcake place? I tried looking you up on skype and didn’;t know your skype name email me love to chat to you online miss you xxxxx

    • Anna!

      Still haven’t gone to those places but hopefully will at some stage. I still have two weeks!! 9:30pm your time is good for me. Look for tzygier. xxxx

  2. Hi Tully,

    I can’t believe you went to Sylvia’s. One of my favourite restaurants! I took Naomi there 20 years ago and I’m sure she’ll never forget that night. (Ok… I’ll take a vague recollection.)

    You are indeed a true New Yorker. With so many things, in New York there is just more of it…And because there is more of it, there are societies. And you have your society in New York. You fit right into the FD society there. And these are very active people with a real purpose. We all look for that sense of purpose and inclusion and sometimes we never find it. Sometimes its right in our face and we can’t see it.

    I went to NYU and you should too. You already have a network in New York of doctors and lawyers and socialites and family.

    My dad should be reaching out to you soon. The irony is he needs your help. Make sure you give him your phone number like 5 times and tell him where he needs to meet you like 7 times. He is very nervous about holding a video camera but he could do it. We have home movies of when I was a kid so I know he has had some ancient experience. He is tall and has a beard if that helps.

    Continue to have fun. Your energy levels are incredible.


    • Hi Larry

      Sylvia’s was really good and I am craving fried chicken. Did you use that night to pop the question?

      I don’t feel like a true New Yorker because there’s still so much to do and learn about the city. I do feel like I am becoming part of the FD community, but that too takes time. With my work at Yooralla I have found a sense of purpose and inclusion and I don’t have that fully yet with the FD community. Maybe when I go to FD day that will change.

      How will your dad be contacting me? Through email? If he is going to be using my video camera it is very easy. Thanks for the tip as to how he looks. I think I met him briefly a year or so ago.

      Thanks for the message. I can’t believe my energy levels! I am bound to crash soon!

      From Tully

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