Problem with photos?

Has anyone had any problems with the most recent set of photo? They seem to be working for me but that may be because I am logged in. Please leave me a message!


7 thoughts on “Problem with photos?

  1. Except for the first slide, they seem to be the same as the ones previously posted–didn’t see the Cotton Club or Harlem.


  2. It could be that I have problems seeing your photos. Your posts talk about several photos but I only see one photo. For example, in your last post, “from take away chinese food to the Cotton Club” there was only one photo. The next most recent photo that I saw was in a post called “more photos” but again, I could only see one photo, even though the post implies more photos.

    • Hi Liron

      Thanks for the info. The problem has been fixed. You just have to click on the photo and that will take you to flickr to see the rest. I hope it works!

      From Tully

  3. Not sure if I’m doing it right but can tell you how I’m seeing all the pictures. Only one photo appears on the blog page. I’ve been clicking on the one photo which takes me to flickr, then I click on ‘Tully’s photo stream’. That gets me to all the pictures, showing the most recent first.

    Looking good Tul 🙂

  4. hi Tully, photos are now coming thru and they are great. we are following your adventure on a daily basis and loving it.

    • Hi Fay and Nick

      I just want to say thanks for reading the blog and leaving messages. It really means a lot to me and I am glad you are enjoying it! I think I will deserve a medal when I get back.

      Love Tully

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