random thoughts…

Every day of my trip has been planned. Every day and night I am with someone or doing something that was pre arranged. Except for today. It’s a long weekend and people have lives. I am on my own in New York City.

I know you want to hear about what I have been doing, and you will, but today I am just going to let my thoughts flow.

I am sitting in a Starbucks, drinking an average, weak cafe late, watching the people pass by on the streets and some slow love song is playing in the background.

I am an annonomous person in a big city and I am not scared. Sure, as soon as I step outside I will freak out a bit but for now I feel safe.

I feel safe and I feel proud that I can do it.

Never before have I ventured out on my own like this. I was determined to prove to people that I was capable of traveling on my own. A person with a disability is not always limited in what they can do and it just takes determination and the ability to ask for help,

Mum and Dad were worried about me going away with the frame because when I went out with them I would sometimes ask them to hold the frame. And so I got it in my head that it’s wrong to ask for help and it’s important to do it on my own. But you know what, people are ok with offering help. In fact, some people want to help and I just have to accept it.

I am on my own in NYC but I’m not alone.

So today I will take it all in and enjoy my own company. I may even go to bed  really early and eat junk food and watch movies. I can do whatever the hell I want.

Side note: I ended up walking to 42nd st, hailing a cab and ended up at Bryant Park. I sat and read my book and had a very nice lunch in a cafe in the park.


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