I’m still standing…just

The days are beginning to blur into one and if I leave these entries too far apart I will forgot what I have done. Once again I will resort to point form.

1. Thursday night I went out for dinner with Deborah’s friend, Kiley. We went to NY’s version of a pub, a brewery. Kiley and I hit it off quite well. We’re both into movies, writing (though different styles) and we are both shy in group situations.

I had a shepperds pie which is something I would never order but I felt like having something warm and comforting. I love mums shepperds pie so this one had no chance of being good enough, but it did the job.

After that we walked to 45th st to the theatre to see Billy Elliot! Now, I wasn’t as excited to see this as I was to see Wicked and when I found out I had to walk up two flights of stairs, I was ready to scream. However, despite sitting in the last row, we were able to see everything and as soon as it started I was in awe.

The backdrops and props were very minimalist as was the lighting, and the songs aren’t that memorable, but the dancing was amazing. The boy who played Billy moved so beautifully and the supporting cast blew me away, especially the middle aged guy who played the piano. Out of nowhere he jumped off his seat and started prancing around the stage.

There were some touching moments, especially when Billy was remembering his mother. There was a brilliant dance number with Billy and his cross dressing friend Michael.

Kiley and I had a great time and hopefully we can catch up before she goes home to Massachustous.

2. On Friday I went to the east village to have lunch with three girls who all have FD. We met at Johnny Rockets. Do any of you remember that place? I thought it was just some cheesy gimmick for Australia.

Anyway, four girls with FD in one room is a big deal for me. I was really curious how they were going to look becasuse there is a facial similarity for most FD people. Two of the girls looked like me and one had simialar hair to me and was skinny like me.

There was a social awkwardness they all shared, just like me. They all went to school together and they were comfortable with each other but there was a lot of gaps between conversations and I didn’t feel comfortable asking them how FD affected them.

Sam, one of the girls, her carer and I walked closer to SoHo to a cafe where Sam is doing an internship. Sam has bad balance and fatigues quite easily. She uses a wheelchair for long distances. The walk went for ten minutes and I had to take breaks. Sam got tired too and that was probably due to having a biggish lunch.

That night I went to china town with my cousins. The streets are narrow and twists and turns and filled with restaurants and grocery store. The restaurant we went to was cute but I have to admit, Melbourne Chinese food is better.

After dinner we went for a walk through to little Italy and I felt like I was in Rome. Tons of restaurants with waiters trying to lure us in and lots of gelato stalls. There were lots of mini lights hanging from posts and a festival was going on further down the road.

I had walked enough so we went for a drive down to Grorge Washington bridge and I got to see the lights of New Jersey, which was beautiful.

3. On Saturday until Sunday afternoon I was on my own and that was when I wrote my last entry so I won’t bore you with the details.

4. On Sunday afternoon I went to the theatre with David’s daughter and we saw Promises, Promises. I believe in the 60s there was a movie called The Apartment which was then made into a musical. They revived the musical this year with Sean Hayes (Jack from Will and Grace) and the original actress from Wicked (the good witch. What’s her name again?).

Anyway, Sean was just like Jerry Lewis – lots of slapstick comedy and a fabulous voice. She was so petite, pretty, funny and has an amazing voice. The props were minimal but very effective – a revolving door for the entrance to an office building, along with two big bronze statues to emphasize the wealth of the corporate world in that era.

The play was a lot of fun and the audience gave a standing ovation.

5. Dinner!! David and his family took me out for dinner to a restaurant called Vice Versa on 51st st. The retaurant is modern Italian and is quite big and modem. The food was very good but the dessert was the best and yes, I did take photos.  Warm chocolate cake, nutella ice cream and apple pie.

So, that’s the rundown from the last few days. It may sound like a lot but I did have a lot of down time, enough te to read some of my book.

Today I am off to the MoMA and hopefully the carnegie deli. Today is going to be busy and thankfully I have my walking shoes on!


2 thoughts on “I’m still standing…just

  1. I have been following your story and cheering and praying for you.I am so glad you have been able to make the trip.I hope you enjoy New York and safe travels home. 🙂

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