lots and lots of photos – please tell me if they worked


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5 thoughts on “lots and lots of photos – please tell me if they worked

  1. wow Tul, amazing.
    photos look great and the lunch with the 3 girls with FD sounds really interesting. will you stay in touch with any of them?
    missing you xox

    • Thanks Rachel! I will be seeing them all on FD day and will try to keep in touch with them.
      I am considering what presents to get you and others, but my suitcase is so full and I have bought lollies and tshirts for my cousins, I just don’t know if I have the space! Is there anything in particular you would like?
      see you soon! xx

  2. hmm anything from NY…nah just you darling. will be happy to have my tully back in melbourne!! thank you though xox

  3. by the way saw the comments re you keeping a blog when you get back to melb. you can always try if you like. doesn’t have to be every day. you might surprise yourself. you’ve had nearly 4,000 hits in the last 2 weeks! i’d read it 🙂

  4. Hi Tul,
    Sounds like you have well and truly immersed yourself in the New York Culture. I take my hat off to you and say go for it, but with little rests in between! Love reading the blog.
    lots of love

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