Thank you and farewell…for now

When I stumbled my way through the gates at the airport, I saw mum and dad walking toward me and I could feel a big smile break out across my face.

They embraced me and I finally let myself go after the nineteen hour flight.

I may not have missed my parents, but for the last three and a half weeks I was ultimatly on my own. Having them embrace me signified the end of that chapter and allowed me to rely on someone else for a little while.

It has only been three days since I’ve been back which isn’t enough time to soak in the whole experience. I am still spinning due to the fact that I actually did it.

Nearly nine months ago I went out on a limb and contacted perfect strangers asking them to support me on this endeavour. My aim wasn’t that clear at that point, all I knew was I needed something to spice up my life.

Having something to look forward to helped me get through a crazy period in my life. It enabled me to focus on something positive and when I started the blog it gave me even more courage and purpose.

While one of the main purposes of the blog was to promote disability awareness, another focus, though very egotistical, was to share my story with the world.

Life can be very hard for me. Every movement I make takes a lot of concentration. Every goal I make involves minute details to achieve that goal. It’s very tiring. And I wanted people to know.

Having a public forum to express my frustrations (and pride in myself) enabled people to finally understand. From some of the responces I received over the last few months I can see that I have achieved my goal. And yes, I have promoted disability awareness as well.

Most of you have been following my blog so there is no need to rehash the events. And you may have gathered what a life changing experience it has been for me.

I have travelled independently to another country and have managed to come back with only a few minor bruises. I have accomplished my goal and now it’s time to remember, reflect and relax.

Until my next big adventure.

(PS. My blog will be updated from time to time once I have established another purpose for the blog. Please keep reading)


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