Just around the corner…

I got back from NYC about a week ago and I well and truly settled back in. I ended my last entry suggesting that I am planning another big adventure, and thoughts have been going through my head.

I do know that I am planning on going back to New York and hopefully next year. However, after speaking to Mum the other day, I have realized that I need an adventure in between now and then. Having a goal in mind helps keep me motivated and stops me from dwelling on things that I shouldn’t be dwelling on.

So, you may be asking what this next adventure could be. Well, funny you should ask. Here are some of the thoughts I have:

1. Continue to write my blog and expand on that to making it either an essay or a book (who knows? It could happen!).

2. Plan an event to raise awareness of FD. This would involve a lot of prep work and, as Mum said, there would have to be a lot of media attention beforehand.

3. Plan a fundraising event which involves a charity event, which would mean media attention and a hell of a lot of planning.

These are my thoughts at the moment, and I am sure more will come to me. But Mum raised an important issue. No one has heard of Familial Dysautonomia. Why would people want to give money towards a condition they know nothing about? Obviously you, the readers, know about it, but that’s a very small amount of people.

 As you can see, there’s a lot to think about and consider. Keep in mind, I am back at work two days a week (hopefully 2.5 or 3 days at some stage), starting my masters in August and maybe moving again. There will be a lot going on, so before I make up my mind about the next big adventure, I need to consider whether I’d have the energy for it.

 If you think any of these ideas are worthy of going forward with, please give me your feedback.


2 thoughts on “Just around the corner…

  1. am voting for ideas 1 & 2. love the idea of an event to raise awareness. your blog is already doing that but to get it even wider would be amazing. once you raise awareness you can start fundraising.
    go tully!!!

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