Peer Support Network

As some of you know, one of my roles at Yooralla is being the coordinator of our Peer Support Program. Through this program we provide training in basic counseling skills, advocacy skills and we discuss issues around ethics and values when mentoring a person.

When we have trained the group we then pair them up with a client who believes they would benefit from support from a person in a similar situation to them.

Another goal for our program is to create a Network which will help our mentors and mentorees connect via the internet and perhaps enhance their advocacy skills as well as social skills.

As I have worked out how to use wordpress through this blog, I have created the Peer Support Network Website through wordpress as well. It is obviously a work in progress, but I thought I would tell my readers about the website so that you can provide some suggestions to help me create a user friendly website.

The address is:

I have also created a forum where users can bring up different topics and their thoughts with other users and participants. The address is: 

Please share your thoughts.


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