hookturn industries

I was out on Calisle street yesterday with a friend, enjoying the sun and we ventured into a health food shop. This in itself is rare for me as I don’t really care f or health foods or vitamins, but I went in because my friend was interested.

Anyway, I was excited to see a range of water bottles as I have been meaning to buy one for quite a while. Nearly every time I go out I have a plastic water bottle with me as I need to keep hydrated and I also need to take medication in the middle of the day and I don’t always have access  to water. So, I bought myself a funky purpleish water bottle. To check it out, go to: www.ecostreet.com.au.

But the r eal reason for  this post is when I was paying for the water bottle, I noticed a reusable take-away coffee cup on the counter and was drawn to it. I already have one, but it is getting a big feral and smells a little funny. This new cup looks like an ordinary take-away cup, but it is made out of silicone.

The cups have been made by hookturn industries and  they are trying to “save the planet one coffee at a time.” I would go into how this can be achieved, but I will let the website do that for me. I chose it because it keeps the coffee warm and it is more stable in my basket than a normal take-away cup.

Someone at work mentioned it would be great for Christmas presents and I had the same idea yesterday (well, not for Christmas obviously, but in general). So, some of my friends may be getting one soon.

I also thought I should promote it on my blog and I will hopefully feel like I am doing something for the environment.

The link is: http://www.hookturnindustries.com.au/.

Check it out.


4 thoughts on “hookturn industries

  1. Hi Tully,

    Sorry about your new groovy coffe cup that I stuffed with wet newspaper in an experiment to clear left over smells and the cleaner threw away – well it looked like a disposal cup! I’ll get you a new one. 🙂

  2. Hi Tully,
    sounds like an interesting cup. How rigid is it, any dood for us folks with spasaming hands?
    Come and see how much more I have written on my blog. I have definately caught your bug!!

  3. Hi Anne

    It’s not as good as my other plastic coffee cup, as it is not as firm. However, I think it should be fine for your cup holder.

    Remind me, what’s the address of your blog? I can add it as a link on my blog.

    From Tully

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