doing my bit

Some of you may remember my last entry about the hookturn reusable coffee cup. Some of you may have even read the comments to that entry.

Two weeks ago when I used my coffee cup for the first I couldn’t help but notice a very distinct and somewhat feral smell. I was unable to enjoy my second coffee for the day due to the smell and mentioned it to someone in the office. I had a feeling she would know a way of getting rid of smells, and she did!

Her idea was to moisten some newspaper and leave it in the cup over night. We decided to try the  experiment and leave it at the office so she could check in the morning.

The next day when she went to check the cup was gone! Someone had taken my cup! (or  they threw it out because really, it looked like a takeaway cup with dirty newspaper in it)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we decided to order another cup online and I took on this crazy idea of spreading the news around the office to see whether anyone else wanted the cup. And boy, did they ever! Emails were coming in from left, right and centre.

The hookturn website put up a photo of boxes of used paper coffee cups from one day from one location in the cbd and I was amazed to see how many there were.

When the box of coffee cups arrived this afternoon, I had a photo taken of me with my contribution to the environment. What do you think? Think I should email it to hookturn?

So, from someone who doesn’t pay much attention to the woes of the world, I think I did one decent thing today.

As I sit here and drink my coffee, I’m yelling out a big Cheers to my readers.



3 thoughts on “doing my bit

  1. great photo. you should send it to them for sure…
    after your last entry i went and bought one of those eco water bottles! these company’s should pay you for all the business you are bringing them! x

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