my 20s in a nutshell

The big day is coming up for me. The day where I will no longer be in my 20s and supposedly an adult. Well, technically we become adults at 18, but seriously, who at the age of 18 knows what they want or who they even are?

From the age of 18 until about the mid-20 we spend that time learning and discovering. Trying to separate oneself from their parents, exploring different career options, finding a life partner and moving out of home. The big milestones happen during this period and lately up until the early 30s.

When I was 18 I was still in year 12 and had no idea what I wanted to do with my future. All I knew was that it wasn’t practical for me to take the year off because I had no place I wanted to go to – or thought I was able to go to. I just assumed I would go to university and get a degree. But I wasn’t one of those freaky kids who knew at 14 that they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer or a pilot, etc. I had no idea what I was good at because I had never really achieved that much. Living day to day without throwing up or falling over was an achievement in itself. I was extremely self-involved and unable to focus on the future.

So when it came to choosing a degree I picked Arts because it enabled me to choose a range of subjects without any real focus. I did know that I loved movies and talking about them. I also knew I didn’t like exams, thus I chose cinema studies which luckily enough had no exams. I also did a few creative writing subjects because I believed I was somewhat of a good writer – in reality I was pretty average at writing and was unable to express myself eloquently.

By my mid-20s I had finished my arts degree and knew that I defiantly wasn’t ready to enter the work force. I knew that I wanted to work with people, but I knew psychiatry was out of the picture – no way was I going to study medicine. And I knew that psychology involved statistics and exams – two things I loathed. Eventually I discovered social work and instead of boring you with the details, I’ll just say that I found my calling and ended up in the disability field.

By my late 20s I found my career but I hadn’t really separated myself from my family or found myself. I made this year the year for all of this to happen. I moved out of home and left the country to find myself. Of course there are still strong ties to the family, but I doubt that’s ever going to change. And no, I haven’t found my life partner, but hopefully there’s still time for that.

When I turn 30 in November, I will have achieved some of those milestones and so I will be celebrating this by having a party. These achievements should be acknowledged and celebrated and I have to admit, I do like the idea of getting some attention for a night.


One thought on “my 20s in a nutshell

  1. Happy 30th Birthday, Tully! Big accomplishments this year, girlfriend. We’ve been reading your blog and are proud of you. Maybe your next big travel experiment will be back to the States?
    We’d love to have you come for a visit.
    Hope your birthday party is a major happy event.
    Nona and Art

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