Coming down from a high.

I was going pretty well for a while there. I had issues to write about and wrote about them quite well. They were witty, informative and yet still easy to read. I was on a roll. And then splat. Nothing. Nadda.

But I think I found the cause for my writers block. The big 3 0 came and went. I got caught up on the high. During the week leading up to my birthday I did something fun each day. Two fancy meals – modern Italian one night, Middle Eastern the next. Mum and I went out one day and we saw Hairspray. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Lots of fun songs, great dancing, amazing special effects. Then to top it all off I had my debut on the radio. I was the hostess with the mostest. True I only introduced the show and concluded the show, but I did it well. I was nearly as smooth as that guy on 101.1 fm who hosts the love song dedications hour.

On my actual birthday I was a suck. I went to work and even stayed in late to do some work on the upcoming radio program I am putting together. I walked into the office and found nearly a dozen balloons on my desk along with presents. And it was a wonderful day. We had a morning tea in the kitchen – lots and lots of cupcakes, an amazing chocolate cake and they sang Happy Birthday – twice!

My parents took me out for a lovely meal that night and gave me some lovely earrings. The cuisine was Middle Eastern and we had a banquet. Don’t ask me what we ate, but I do recall melt in your mouth lamb off the bone, rice salad with pumpkin and mint, chicken pate. It was nice being spoilt.

So, while I had an extremely busy week, it didn’t end there. For the last four months I planned my party. As you have all probably gathered by now, I love food, especially Asian and I am a little obsessed by cupcakes. I rented out a restaurant for the night, ordered a cupcake tour, conned my cousins, uncle and aunty into singing and invited nearly sixty people. I wanted to celebrate my 30th in style and if you ask any of the guests, I think they’d tell you I achieved my goal.

The party wasn’t about me. Of course it was my birthday, but it was also my way of saying thank you. This has been a huge year for me and without my friends and family I may not have achieved as much as I have. They have been a great support to me and I wanted to acknowledge it. You know when the host makes a speech it can end up being really long, extremely corny or extremely boring? Well, I made it short and to the point. Don’t wish me Happy Birthday, let me say thank you to everyone instead.

 And I guess I will finish this entry off with saying Thank you to you – the readers. You helped make this year exciting and through your comments and feedback I was able to find the strength in achieving my dreams.

 Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Coming down from a high.

  1. Hi Tully,
    Thanks for the link to your blog, which I have not had up to now. I have scanned it, read some of the entries which I think are terrific, and am impressed with your literary skill. Keep up the good work.


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