Let’s make this year count

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2010 was one of the best years of my life. Then again, it was one of the worst years of my life. But it is important not to dwell on the negative and rather focus on the positive and the future.

So, let’s bring on 2011. Let’s make some resolutions and come up with some plans for the new year.

1. Writing – as you all know I got into writing last year and during the process I realized that I really enjoy it. It is something I wish to develop and work on. For this to happen I think I need to look into a writing course. If anyone has a recommendation, please message me.

2. Painting – over the last year I have been learning oil painting and while I have improved, I want to continue to learn and stay connected with the other students and the teacher.

3. Travel – I fell in love with NYC last year and I desperately want to go back. Maybe this time even do a social work placement. Imagine living and working in New York. Couldn’t think of anything better, but I am sure my parents could think of some better options.

4. Masters of Social Work – my mother has emphasized the importance of study and how it will further my career. I do agree with her, I just have to motivate myself. Maybe next week I will fill out the application. Someone remind me on Monday, please.

5. Move – while I love my flat, it isn’t really disability friendly and it’s way too big for me. I need a cute two bedroom apartment near a cafe or supermarket. Anyone know of a place?

6. Work – I forgot to put this in the first time round, so I thought I should fix it up. Currently I work two days a week coordinating a program. At the end of last year I launched a website for my clients and my goal this year is to make it successful. Also, I would like an extra day at work. Better start sucking up now.

7. And last, Mr Right – turning the big 3 0 recently, I’ve realized it is time to find someone who makes me happy (and I make them happy too) and cares about me. I am putting the idea out there and what will be, will be. Know of anybody? Give me a call.

Happy New Year everyone. Let this year be better than the last.


2 thoughts on “Let’s make this year count

  1. I like your resolutions…some of them even sound like mine 🙂

    I did a Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing…twice. The CAE does them and they cater to people who are probably working – i.e. lots of evening classes, afternoon classes. And they’re around the corner from Yooralla. They get a mix of ages as well, which I always liked because I didn’t feel old in a class of 18 year olds! You can pick and chose classes that you want to do and you can take as long as you like (well, up to 10 years) to finish it. I found that while I was there, it inspired me to write because you’re around other writers. I think some of the teachers I had are probably still there too!

  2. Ree beat me to it! There are a heap of writing courses at the CAE and there’s sure to be an ideal one, just for you, in the writing skills section, and who knows, it might double as the chance to meet Mr Right (lol).

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