Keepin’ Busy

Even though I have writers block, I feel like writing an entry because so much has been going on and I want to share it with you all. 

1. Radio: At the beginning of February I started a training program at 3CR. We are learning how to use the computer system, the panel and recording devices. We are also learning basic interview techniques as well as putting together scripts for a pre-recorded program. I love learning how to use the technology and there are so many cool tricks with editing!

Some of you may have tuned in last week and heard me introduce the program. You may have noticed Phin started the intro because he thought I forgot my cue! Hopefully I covered it up smoothly. I really think Daniel, Phin and I work well together and I am looking forward to our next show.

2. Painting: I have started painting for the semester and I hace completed my painting from last year. My teacher believes it is time to challenge myself and so I am going to try painting a landscape. I have issues with my fine motor control and so the painting is never going to be perfect, but I think it may add character to the painting!

3. The Meaning of Life: The year began with a rocky start and I found myself lacking focus and motivation. I began questioning what I wanted to achieve in life and so, when I received an email about a course exploring the Meaning of Life, I decided I’d give it a whirl. We’ve had our first class and we’ve established that each person is born for a reason and we are born with the tools to achieve this. It’s our task to find that reason and so hopefully over the next six weeks I will be able to find mine.

4. Work: I sent out the first newsletter for the year and I think people liked it and hopefully some of them have passed the newsletter on to others. I am  finding it hard recruiting participants and so it is time to advertise the program. With other work stuff I am dealing with some new clients and hopefully I can help them.

5. Masters: I have submitted my application but I haven’t heard anything yet. I still don’t know whether I want to start it yet, however, I think it is good to get the ball rolling which will get me a little more motivated.

By reading the list, you  can see that I am keeping pretty busy. Maybe it’s a form of distraction and if that is the case, it is working quite well. By taking part in things that interest me, I am stimulated and I even feel positive for the time I am completing these tasks. The only downside is that I am pretty tired most of the time and I am really enjoying sleeping. Can’t get enough of it.

Oh, and before I sign off, I will mention I have been writing some other things and it may lead to them being published! Exciting stuff.


3 thoughts on “Keepin’ Busy

  1. Good on you Tul! Keeping busy is good (I always find!) and having things to look forward is also a good thing. You are an inspirational and amazing person Tul.

  2. Good on you Tully. It is a great thing that you have all the interests that you currently have and that they are diverse and absorbing. I believe that the meaning of life is found during the acts of living and you are certainly doing that. Go girl !! Love you, you are a shining example for our family.

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