who can say “no” to a free McDonald’s lunch?


Last Monday was the second last session for the filming of the Melbourne Accessibility film and what better way to finish off than filming at the airport and a free McDonald’s lunch?

The camera man, his assistant and I drove to the airport and the director dropped us off at departures – the spot we were doing the filming, yet for some reason, the assistant and I thought we had to be at Virgin. We got there, looked around, shrugged and sat and waited. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen. I ended up looking at facebook on my phone when suddenly it rang. We were at the wrong location and had to walk all the way back. Luckily for me I wasn’t going to the gym that day and I got my daily exercise in!

When we finally got back, we had to hang around a bit longer for the script writer to show up along with the director. Being the junk food addict that I am, I eyed McDonald’s and casually mentioned how good it would be if we could munch on a burger after we finished filming. I never knew how persuasive I could be!

Once we had all arrived, we decided to do some of the filming just where people had to line up to check in. Even when the camera started rolling and I started flashing my smile and informing the soon to be viewers about the airport, passengers started walking through the space and we had to re-shoot a number of times.

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I am not an actress and so I don’t have the skill of being able to remember my lines. According to the camera man there are a lot of funny outtakes. I don’t really consider myself that funny, so I’ll have to see them to believe them.

During the filming at the check-in line, I talked about the Information Desk available at International Arrivals and the hearing loops scattered around the airport. We then wandered over the bridge to the parking lot where I mentioned how during security checks you can ask to be checked in a more private area. These are just some of the great services. From my experience with traveling last year, I know of many more great services, such as the meet and greet service where they provide a wheelchair and wheel you to the terminal and meet you with a wheelchair when you land. Hopefully things like this film and the article that will go with it will help future travelers to take advantage of these services.

While we were munching on our burgers, which had been kindly paid for by the script writer, he spoke about his trips overseas, writing articles based on interviews with airline stewards and taxi drivers. He was able to write about sites that were frequented by locals rather than the popular tourist destinations. He was also able to get free flights by writing these articles.

It got me thinking – why not apply do a travel series around Australia? Wouldn’t it be great to have me check out the different states and inform future tourists who happen to have a disability about the accessible spots and holiday destinations? We could get the whole crew to go and have a party along the way. The only issue is, is this a fundable project?

If you ask me, I think it is.


One thought on “who can say “no” to a free McDonald’s lunch?

  1. Who can say no to a free McDonalds?


    A gourmet? A kosher Jew? A person who respects their body. An activist opposed to global capitalism? I think there are probably a few more as well.

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