A week in the life of Tully

I haven’t updated in a week or so and that’s because nothing major has happened. Well, that’s not true, but I haven’t been able to come up with one thing in particular to write about and warrant a whole entry. So, this entry is going to be a mix of things that have happened. I like keeping you all in the loop in regards to the World of Tully.


  1. A few months ago I wrote about the current funding system for people with disabilities. I wrote about the disability support register and how people can apply and how long it takes and how every year it gets reviewed. Well, I’ve been dealing with this once again and seriously, I am amazed I haven’t pulled my hair out yet. If a young adult decides to take the plunge and leave home, they are unable to change the way their funding is being used by just calling the carer agency. No. They have to contact dhs and have their funding situation reviewed. This involves pretty much reapplying for funding and submitting it to dhs and then dhs may have questions and so the process begins once again. In the mean time, the person may have moved out of home and are then stuck without the right supports and may end up in a crisis situation. Of course it’s always better to plan in advance and have everything set up before making the move, but some times people have to move because of personal reasons and just don’t have the time to prepare. Shouldn’t there be something set up for these crisis situations?
  2. The other day I had to attend a meeting for the City ofMelbourne. I had to move my car, which took about 20 minutes, and by the time I parked I had to rush to make it in time. Of course I had Scarlet with me and I hurried past a man slumped on a bench outside the town hall. Before I knew it, I heard him mutter the word “spastic” under his breath and by the time I heard it I didn’t have the time to turn around and confront him. In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t have confronted him because I have a fear of very drunk people. But I was gobsmacked. I have never been called that before and I have never been made fun of because of my disability. Before that moment I had this naïve belief that people are generally pretty nice and accepting. So to be called this, albeit not to my face, ruined this image and caused me such anger. As a person with a disability, and as an advocate, it is my responsibility to confront this sort of behaviour and I am angry at myself for not doing so. I would like to say that I will, if it ever happens again, but I worry that my fear will take over once again. What would you have done in this situation?
  3. On a lighter note, The Boldness had a show last week and we raised money for 3cr. I would like to thank Joel de Munk for calling in to say hello and promote the program along with my lovely aunty Deborah Conway who did an impromptu song and also donate. Thank you to everyone else who donated and tuned in. We have another show next Wednesday and we still need to raise around $180. Please go to www.3cr.org.au or call 9419 8377 if you wish to donate. Make sure to mention The Boldness.

Ok, time to get back to fighting the system. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “A week in the life of Tully

  1. Dear Tully,
    I hope that you misheard the man on the bench and even if you didn’t you should not let it upset you or let it change your view of people’s intentions or behaviour. I think you are right in seeing people as good and accepting, however there will always be abberations but they are at the margins only and not in the main. Hold on to your optimistic and cheerful outlook as it is good for you and good for all of us as well. I don’t think that confronting the man would have given you any comfort nor would it have been effective to change his misanthropic utterances. Move on and have a great day !!

  2. Hi Tully,

    I totally agree with Michael above. The man has his own disability that he is unfortunately unable to cope with and to confront him would have been futile and possibly dangerous. So yes move on and continue with the amazing work you are doing.

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