Blowing my own trumpet

It’s one of those days today. Where everything seems to be happening at the same time and I am a little bit frazzled, but I can’t help but take this moment or two to write about it.

I’ve said it once, twice, three times and have written it many times that so many people with disabilities are socially isolated. Be it because their wheelchair has broken down, or a support worker doesn’t have the time to take them out or they don’t have the money to attend an event. There are so many reasons and so they end up being stuck at home once again.

Lately I’ve been doing home visits. Going to clients houses to get some paper work signed or to inform them on an up-coming event for the peer support program. Most of the  time they don’t find it that interesting, and why would they? Who likes paper work? So, I make the boring part as quick as possible and then spend the rest of the time getting to know them. We’ll have a chat about their favourite tv show or computer game or even football team (not that I know anything about football).

And it’s great for them and for me. We get to have a laugh, have a break and just chat. I see the light in their eyes and their laughter always set me off.

It’s great that I can help people access resources or find out information that they don’t know how to find, because then they can achieve their goals or purchase a service they may not have been able to purchase beforehand. But I think my favourite part of my job and the best thing I can do with these clients is have a chat and listen.

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet here or pat myself on the back. And it’s paid work, it’s not like I’m a volunteer doing a good deed, I get paid for this. But it just makes me feel so good when I have days like these.


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