Time to take a breather

Things have been pretty crazy over the last three weeks and I haven’t come up with anything groundbreaking, so this blog has been neglected.

I feel like I am stuck at an intersection at the moment. So many things have been happening and they are all such amazing things, but they have been put on hold until either I get the go ahead or I am waiting for the start date. I will share these with you in point form so you can get just as excited as I am:

1. The Divine website is currently looking for a group of new journalists. This website is funded through DHS and it consists of articles on disability written by people with a disability. A couple of my blog entries have been published on it, but without payment. The editor of the site has suggested I apply and I think I will. To apply you have to submit three pieces, each on disability and 500 words long. I have writers block at the moment, so if you have any ideas, please send them my way! The application isn’t due until November so I still have time.

2. Peer Support. The Department of Human Services, in all their regions, are looking to start peer support programs for people who are on individual support packages – a person-centred approach to funding, where the person with the disability looks after their own money rather than a carer or organisation doing it for them.

One region wants to create a framework for a peer support program with the help of a panel consisting of people with disabilities or carers who have had involvement with the package. I have been in touch with this region and they have asked for my input in the selection process. I guess my years of experience with the program at Yooralla gives me a good understanding as to how a program should run and what skills are required for it to run will. It will be a good learning experience for me and it will look good on the CV. This is happening this week.

In another region they are asking organisations to submit a proposal as to how they would run a peer support program for people on this funding package. It would be great for Yooralla to get involved as so we’re waiting to find out.

3. Radio. I have been umming and ahhing over my involvement with the Boldness for a number of reasons and I nearly decided to quit. However, last week we had a really good show. We interviewed the creators of the Speakers Bank program which I told you about and we also interviewed one of the speakers. It went smoothly and the only hiccup was with getting the person on the phone through. This show made me realise how much I love being a part of the show and how important it is to the listeners and for my self-esteem! I have also  been asked to be a part of another show and I am still deciding whether to do it or not.

4. Painting. I painted a portrait of my father last term and I think I have improved. It’s a real challenge for me as my fine motor control isn’t that good but because this is the case I think it is important I stick at it. Next painting might be a landscape. This starts in October.

5. Wheelchair basketball. On a whim I went to this organisation in Footscray that specialises in wheelchair sports. For some reason I thought wheelchair basketball would be fun and so they have lent me a wheelchair. I tried it out and I have to say it’s pretty easy to use and fun! But for some reason I haven’t pushed myself into it and so the wheelchair is collecting dust in the garage. Should I get involved? I don’t know…I might sit on this for a while (yes, I know that’s funny!)

As you can all see there’s a lot on my plate at the moment but some of it I have to wait to actually do anything. I think it’s great I am trying to get involved in so many different things because it’s rewarding and character building.

But it’s pretty tiring too!


2 thoughts on “Time to take a breather

  1. tul, have you seen the documentary about wheelchair basketball? it’s called murderball. really interesting doco. they play real tough, but don’t get scared i’m sure it’s not always like that. plus you definitely have the arm muscles for it!!

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