I’m talking to you!

A few weeks ago I heard some exciting news from one of my closest friends. I can’t share the news with you all because it’s not my place. She told me this great news and the story behind it and when she finished I cried. I cried because she had struggled to get to where she ended and I had no idea.

Life gets crazy sometimes. I don’t work full-time, but I do other things, such as writing, radio work, painting and looking after my health. Plus I’ve had personal issues which have taken their toll on me. So I tend to get caught up in all things and forget to think about others or notice how others are doing.

Don’t get me wrong, we all do this. People are self-involved or mainly focus on their closest loved ones, forgetting about others. And when I say forget, I don’t think it’s a conscious thing, because we often think of someone and wonder how they’re doing, but something comes up and we forget to make that call or write that short email to check in with that person.

And that person does the same thing, so it could be months until you get around to checking in or maybe even a year or so. During that time, you remember at that odd moment and then you think to yourself “why haven’t they contacted me?” which leads to resentment along with not wanting to make the effort to contact them.

Eventually one or the other gets in contact and you arrange a time to catch up. You get excited at the prospect, even though there is still a hint of a grudge in the background. But when you do meet and you ask them “r u ok?” you find out that in actual fact that that they haven’t been ok for a long time until now.

When I had this conversation with my friend, I realised that I have to make more of an effort with my friends and family and after watching Australian Story on Monday about R U OK? Day, I’m going to ask all of you:



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