It’s never too late to play the game

About fifteen years ago I saw a movie called Camp. I think I made a friend see it with me and it was terrible – for her. I loved it. It was a cheesy teen flick about a summer camp for kids into singing and acting. All of them were either gay or drama queens and outcasts.

From my last post you probably gathered that school wasn’t easy for me. So seeing a movie about outcasts finding a group of people who accepted them for who they were really touched me and gave me hope.

This isn’t why I am writing this entry exactly. There’s a character in the movie who is a middle aged has-been drunk who thinks the kids are deluded and need to “wise up”. The kids don’t get depressed and go back home, oh no, they find some of his songs that haven’t been produced and they decide to steal one.

Break to a scene in a barn, the kids start singing one of his songs. It’s a song about people taking  life changing actions way past their prime and I guess in relation to the movie the kids were telling the guy to stop stalling and giving up. Buck up and take the plunge.

Fifteen years ago I cried when I heard this song but I wasn’t at a point in my life where I could be brave and take the plunge.

A client of mine made a decision to make a bucket list and he is now achieving so much.

Watching the movie fifteen years later and having this client in mind has made me realize something. I am at that point in my life where I am feeling brave and ready to take the plunge.

Don’t get me wrong,New Yorkwas huge and it took a lot of guts for me to do it. But don’t you ever get the urge to do something massive?

The frustrating this is that I don’t really know what that plunge is. I tend to make everything that I do into a big deal because little tasks can actually be quite draining and so it is important to reward myself.

My mother has suggested that when I go toNew YorkNEXT YEAR I go somewhere beforehand to meet her and Dad and then travel to NYC with them. This scares me a little because this trip would mean changing airlines inHong Kong. So yes, this is somewhat of a big step for me and something I have to work myself up to doing. However, this is nearly a year away and I just don’t know what to do before then.

If you have any ideas – bungee jumping, camping, dance classes, etc, please send them my way.

Until then, I just think I’ll keep singing that song to myself and hopefully come up with something myself.


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