Use it or Lose it

The other day I was so proud of myself, I even boasted about it on facebook. Most likely a lot of you know already, but there are a few who don’t. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it was like climbing a mountain – literally.

Often when I am driving to work I try to motivate myself to park my car outside the Arts Centre and then walk the rest of the way to work. But you know how it is, who wants to do something that they hate doing?

I came up with a list of excuses. The weather was too cold. It was raining. I was running late. I needed my car to visit a client. I had to run off somewhere straight after work. You get the idea…

Anyway, while I was writing my entry about my new years resolutions, I briefly mentioned my health. I chose not to focus on it too much because I was sure if I did someone was bound to hold me to it and remind me constantly and make me feel guilty and then it would never happen. No way was I going to allow that to happen!

In reality I know the importance of keeping active. As many doctors, specialists, physios, etc have told me, it’s important to continue walking as that will postpone me ending up in a wheelchair.

So while I was writing the resolutions, in my mind I tossed and turned with the idea to do the walk. And one morning it just happened.  My car somehow manoeuvred itself into a disabled car spot and I did it. The sun was out, it was 20 degrees and I had good walking shoes on. Scarlet was ready to go.

Walking across the bridge to Swanston street I looked at all the people rushing to work. No way was I going to do that. I took my time, stopped to look at the water, checked out the men in their business suits, contemplated buying a muffin and hummed Eye of the Tiger to myself.

Of course I made it to the office. No falls, no major fatigue. And when I reached the office I was beaming. I was superwoman for the day and nobody could take it away from me.

– This entry was written on Monday. It is now Thursday and I parked my car outside the centre and once again I did the walk. I think I deserved the two coconut cupcakes I just consumed!


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