My guilty pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure. Well I have a few that I can’t share with you. Better put, don’t want to share. Even though you may think you know me after these last couple of years, it’s good to have a bit of mystery and secrets.

However I will share one guilty pleasure with you all. It happens every weekday for one hour and it makes me pretty happy – every time. But I will admit that I cry on occasion. I’ve tried getting others involved and I have turned a few. However, millions of people enjoy this guilty pleasure too.

Every week day at midday Ellen Degeneres enters our screens and entertains us for an hour, allowing us to forget our worries for a little while.

You all probably know or have realized by reading my blog that I can’t dance. My balance is terrible and also I have no rhythm. So when Ellen starts her show off with a little boogie I can’t help but live vicariously through her and shake my little tush.

Ellen also helps people. She, and her producers, seeks out people who aren’t doing so well and has them on the show. I, and millions of others, sit glued to the screen as we hear a single mother tell her life story – two jobs, a toddler and a car that is about to break down. And then Ellen turns to the mother and hands her a check for $10,000. Cut to ad break and when Ellen returns, a car comes out from behind a curtain.

But Ellen Degeneres isn’t Oprah. She’s not preaching to the choir and she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ellen may be passionate about a few things – equality, respect for mankind and of course animals, but she doesn’t force these things down people throats. She takes small steps to make positive changes and if she encourages others to do the same along the way, then that’s great too.

After Ellen has finished helping someone, she spends the next 45 minutes interviewing celebrities, all of whom are her friends of course, and gets them to make fools of themselves. Brad Pitt attempting to dance, Jennifer Anniston pretending to pick up a courier and Minnie Driver jumping through hoops. And these people all do this willingly. Is it because they want to win over the audience and get them to see their latest movie or TV show? Or is it because Ellen just charms them into doing it? Who knows, who cares, as long as I’m entertained for that hour I don’t care.

Ellen also has a thing for finding new talent from YouTube. You may not have heard of Sophia Grace and Rosie, but they are two little girls from Londonwho had millions of hits on their video of them sing to Nicki Minaj’s song Super Bass. Ellen flew them over to LA to have them sing in front of a room full of strangers and then be greeted by Nicki Minaj herself. The crowd went wild and my parents were even won over – if only for a second. Check out and see why Ellen is smitten.

Please don’t think I am one of those obsessed fans. That’s not the case. Ellen has fun on her show, she entertains millions of people and she helps those down on their luck. She promotes happiness and kindness to others and when the world is overrun by wars, hunger, the global financial crisis, it’s nice to be left with this message:

Be kind to one another.

PS. I am going to LA in June and am trying to get myself onto the Ellen Degeneres show. If anyone has any connections or any thoughts, please message me.

This entry is dedicated to my parents who have gone away for three months and left me to my own devices. I miss them a lot but I hope they are making the most of this special opportunity.


2 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure

  1. you want to hear something funny- when i go and have my nail done, i make sure that it is around the time that ellen is on. there is a tv at wonder nails.

  2. Oh Tul I became obsessed with Ellen when Eitan was born after being home alone all day it was such a highlight of my day to know at 12pm Ellen would be on TV it was the best! I even bought a jumper for breast cancer off her website which I still wear from time to time. It would be so cool if you could go onto her show. You really just need to write her a good letter and explain all about your blogs and about your life. Dreams do come true on the Ellen show that for sure! I will Defiantly put my thinking cap on and see if I know anyone who might be able to help you get onto the show. Would be amazing!! Good luck I know you can do it! xxx

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