I’m just living my life

Since my parents left three months ago things have gone crazy. Not in a bad way (well most of it isn’t bad), but just hectic.

You all probably remember that I’d taken on a few more things at the end of last year.

I decided to enroll into a leadership course and apply for a writing position and was lucky enough to be accepted. Great right? More money, developing my skills, boosting my CV, etc.

With the writing, the course and my job at Yooralla, you would think that would be enough on my plate. Around the same time as applying for these two things, I heard about a funding proposal through the Department of Human Services and I decided to explore it a bit.

Well, I contacted an organization last year to recommend that they apply for the funding to run a peer support program for people who use a certain funding package.

Cut a long story short, they got it and they invited me onto their reference group. Pretty cool, hey? Three years running a peer support program at Yooralla, I must know a thing or two about setting one up.

I was flattered and it boosted my self-confidence a little. Some of you have been telling me that I have a lot to offer and I am capable of great things. I guess this organisation agrees with you.

You may not know this, but even though I may seem confident on the outside, on the inside I do doubt myself.

Anyway, after that I was then asked to help project manage the program and I said yes. This involves facilitating meetings, taking minutes, attending conferences, helping the peer support workers develop their plans, etc.

How awesome is that! It’s a great learning opportunity for me and maybe a way to pave a different career for myself.

Getting back on track, I now have two jobs, a writing gig, a monthly radio show and my blog. Every one of those things I enjoy and don’t want to give up, but each takes time and effort.

The other week I met with a group of people who all had a disability of some sort. We were discussing all the things we are working on. Some had become team leaders, one had become a pole-dancing champion, someone had won a scholarship and someone else had faced her fear of public speaking (well two had if you include me). On top of that, they either had full time jobs, hobbies or were looking after their families. The able bodied people in the room – the facilitators and guests – were blown away. This was even though they too had more than one job.

But to me it seemed normal for “us”. Sure we each have limitations and face obstacles because of our disabilities and yes, it would be easy for us to give up, yet why should we?

We’re not super heroes or exceptions to the rules, we’re just like you.



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