I’m freakin’ out!

When I went to New York in 2010 I was so excited during the lead up to the trip. I couldn’t stop talking about it and I think I put a blog entry up every second or third day. I was on such a high and nothing could bring me down.

Two years later and I am off to New York again. In fact, I am also going to Israel and LA and even spending a night in Singapore. And yet I am not even the slightest bit excited. Ok, maybe a little, but I’m not bringing it up into every conversation I have and I don’t have butterflies in my stomach. I am not buzzing even though I am going in less than a week.

Could it be that I have done it once so I feel that there’s nothing left to prove? If I’ve done it once before then surely the second time will be a piece a cake. Well that’s rubbish! And that’s the problem. I can’t help it but I am freaking out.

My flight to Israel is long and there are many stops along the way. Starting off in Melbourne then landing in Sydney to join the flight to Singapore where I will be spending a night in a hotel on my own. Then I will be spending a day there, where if I choose to I can meet up with someone I know, but still, it’s pretty daunting.

What would you do if you could spend the night/day in another country on your own?

What I am planning to do is sleep a lot, have room service, maybe get a massage and then see this person. Yet, checkout is at 6:30pm and the flight isn’t until 11pm. Do I have dinner at the hotel and then get someone to escort me to the airport? Or, do I go straight to the airport after checkout and just sit at the terminal until boarding time?

The wimp inside me chooses the second option. What if the people at the hotel forget about me? Of course I could be strong and remind them of my existence, and that is probably what I will do. However, there is that part of me that worries. I worry about so many things and that is the cause of my insomnia. Well, not insomnia because I do get to sleep but it does take a lot of tossing and turning to get there.

After my little adventure in Singapore I then fly to London where I have a four hour wait and I will be in a wheelchair as my walking frame will be with the luggage. That’s something I don’t like about flying – not having my walking frame. It means that I am left in the arms of strangers and I don’t like that. I like being in control and having to rely on someone else means I won’t have any control.

After London I end up in Israel where I will be greeted by my parents who I haven’t seen in nearly three months. I have coped without them and have even enjoyed having the space to myself. Yet, I know that when I see them I will be excited and there will be a sense of relief. The flying will be over and I will be able to relax and Scarlet will be safely back in my arms.

Ok, so maybe I am a little excited about my holiday. I just have to get over the 24 hour hurdle first!


2 thoughts on “I’m freakin’ out!

  1. Hi Tully,

    What sort of a meal will you get on the plane after leaving Singapore? Will it be a full dinner or just a light snack? If it’s a dinner then you could have a snack at the airport, or one dinner at the hotel or airport and a second one! If it’s a light snack then you could have dinner at the hotel, or at the airport.

    Another thing you can do in Singapore is go shopping or at least window shopping. There are lots of shopping centres there but they are tourist oriented, i.e. mostly full of small electronics stores, jewellery stores, clothing stores, etc. not like Chadstone or Southland. There are exceptions though, e.g. some have department stores.

    I’m not sure how wheelchair friendly Singapore is, but it better than it used to be. In the 80’s every shopping centre had a driveway for taxis and there was no way you could go two metres down a footpath without a change in level. In the 90’s those driveways were paved with bricks or stones and are now on the same level as the footpagh so those obnstacles are gone.

  2. Go Tully Go!!! Just try to settle down and enjoy all the experiences. Maybe the hotel has a tour bus that would show you some of Singapore? If you fill your day in with stuff, you would probaly be ready to head for the airport after checkout and have something nice to eat there. People watching at airports is usually INTERESTING – and certainly not boring. Plus, you never know who you might happen to meet. Cheers, Have a ball, Bron

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