I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks trying to come up with a post. It’s been so long since I last wrote something for my blog and I was beginning to worry that people would forget about it and move on to something else. I love my blog and I love that it can inspire people and even help some.

While I complete some of my work this morning I am also looking at the Divine website and reading articles I had written in the past. A couple of them have a common theme. It’s about me struggling with my disability and yet being thankful for the skills that I have along with the life that I have. I may know that there are others out there who are far more capable than me, but I realise that I have a determination that very few have.

I get caught up in that determination. Walk those ten metres to the car and then walk those ten metres to get that coffee I so desperately need. Every step takes effort and constant brain power. It is exhausting on a number of levels.

I get caught up on focusing on my training at the gym. Make sure I keep my knee over my foot as I do a lunge. Make sure I do that push-up slowly so that I activate muscles that I wouldn’t if I did it fast.

I get caught up on my intensive physio that I am currently doing. Make sure I remember to use my core when I stand up from a seated position. Don’t forget the bum tuck when I move my right leg to start walking with the physio.

Focus, focus, focus.

So I get caught up in all these things and then I forget.

I forget that others have their own issues they have to deal with. I forget that my friends may be going through their own inner struggles. I forget to call them or send them an SMS after finding out something has happened. And it can go for weeks that I don’t speak to someone and by then I forget about them and continue to focus on myself.

And I forget to ask them:


Today is R U OK Day.

To find out more about R U OK Day, please go to:


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