You may remember me, even if it’s been a while

Yes, I’m still here and I haven’t been hiding. 2012 has been a crazy year for me. I’ve been working two jobs and doing some writing on the side.

The work that I do at Yooralla is rewarding. I love it when I help a person get some funding so that they can get away for a weekend to spend some quality time with their family. I love it when I set two people up for the peer support program and they hit it off straight away. When I see them smile or show me a photo of their time away I get so warm inside. Corny I know.

Anyway, my two jobs have had me running in different directions and meeting so many people that I have no chance of remembering their names (but I do remember that cute coffee guys name, that’s for sure).

When I’m not working I am focusing on my health. I’ve been seeing a neuro physio for the last couple of months. This woman is a magician! She’s had me standing on one leg with my other leg dangling in another direction. She has straightened my left and loosened up my right side. Also, she has shown me how to straighten up my shoulders. Some of you may have noticed me doing some weird movements with my upper back. Don’t freak out, I’m just doing my exercises.

When I’m not doing physio, I am hanging out with my family friend Carl who specializes in rehabilitation through the vibroplate ( Carl gets me to do squats, lunges, dips and plenty more as I stand on the machine. It’s a vibrating platform and the base vibrates as you do your exercises. The vibrations activate muscles that normally get neglected and it has really helped me with my balance.

After the physio and the vibroplate then comes the gym which I go to once a week. No more weights and squats but using a new piece of equipment called the Oov (www. . This rubber device activates my core and helps me with my balance and walking.

It’s never ending and it’s tiring but work and exercise are important to me. Without one I wouldn’t be able to pay for the other and without exercise I wouldn’t be able to achieve the things I do.

Alongside all this I am also writing for the Divine website. It’s hard to come up with new ideas every month but it keeps my brain active and I enjoy interviewing people for my research.

 I want to finish this blog off by saying I may have protested in the past about being called Superwoman and I am just living my life. But today, as I write this, I do feel like Superwoman and damn, I feel proud.




2 thoughts on “You may remember me, even if it’s been a while

  1. some people just “live their lives”, others, like you (and me btw) are “living their lives” … sweet, super (woman) difference … now, where are you buying your coffee these days?

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