Travels with Tully

Since I haven’t anything new or amazing to share with you all I thought that I would revisit something I wrote about two years ago.

Some of you may remember the piece I wrote on Federation Square and the lack of access for people with a disability. Interestingly someone from Fed Square wrote to me about how they are always looking for feedback and suggestions.

Anyway I wrote that piece because at the time I was taking part in the making of a film on Melbourne. It explored Melbourne and it was a way to promote the great places it offers along with emphasizing its accessibility.

The film is finished and has been on hold for two years but after attending two days of training on social media I thought that it’s time to pump some new blood into my blog. So, today I am going to launch the first screening of:

Travels with Tully.

I warn you, it’s awkward at times and somewhat brief, but hey, I’m a social worker, not a talk show host!



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