Ode to friendship

I went out on Sunday morning for bunch with some new friends. Well, when I say new, I mean I met them a year or so ago. You know how hard it is to meet new people. I made a few friends at uni and met new people when I started working at Yooralla, but my main core group of friends are from my childhood and school days. These are the people I am very close to and we know each other very well. Is it the same for you?

Anyway, through my work I joined a couple of committees, one of which is the Disability Advisory Committee for the City of Melbourne. It’s a wonderful committee and I feel like we are making a difference to the CBD and hopefully making it more accessible.

I met one woman through this committee and I was drawn to her. She is warm, kind, smart and a great networker. She is also a lover of New York, so how could we not get on?

Of course she’s gone through her own hurdles in life, which I won’t share with you, but we have also been able to connect on that level too.

She often tells me that I am inspiring and me being the person that I am and can’t accept a compliment, I just blush and say thank you . But the thing is, she inspires me too. The life choices she has made awes me and despite all the things I have to deal with, I want to be as strong and capable as her. Sometimes it’s easier to write these things than actually say them to the persons face.

My second friend I met through a course I did last year. We travelled to Brisbane for the two day induction and she took me under her wing. Her years of experience in committee and board work showed me that it is possible to dream big and possible to make changes to the system.

Both these women are extremely motivated and intelligent. When we get together I love to listen to what they have to say and gain knowledge from them.

The third woman who joined us on Sunday has been a mentor to me for the last year and a half. She has helped me believe in myself and put me on track to achieving my goals. This woman works in the field that I wish to stay in but does work that I one day wish to be doing.

Over brunch I got my friends to help me go through an application for a course I may be applying for. One of the questions is what would my friends say about me. I have always questioned myself and thought that I lacked spunk and drive but after my friends shared their thoughts it made me realise that hey, I mustn’t be that bad. Hearing those kind words did make me blush but it made me so happy.

After spending my morning with these women i was on such a high. i have been told that networking is important for getting ahead in your career and of course these women are great to know in that regard but I feel so privileged to call them my friends.


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