Safe and Sound

I must sound like a broken record to you all as I believed I have mentioned a number of times what a crazy year it has been. Just so many hinge happening and running around, feeling like I couldn’t stop and take a moment to breath. When I did take an hour here or there I would feel somewhat guilty and my brain wouldn’t stop. Everybody must get like that but it always feels like I am the only one feeling it at that moment in time.

So I guess I was on autopilot and, another cliche, going through the motions.

It never clicked that I needed a holiday until my mother brought it up.

From that point on I was exhausted and irritable. Things were getting on my nerves and all this work popped up and I was then getting overwhelmed.

Don’t get me wro. I love my job. I love what I do and am loving it more every day.

The work I get to do is inspiring and rewarding.

It makes me happy.

But who doesn’t like a holiday?

It’s a time when you can do nothing and not feel guilty.

So here I am. In Bali, sitting by a pool, listening to music, drinking mocktails and looking at the ocean.

For nine days.

Of course we’ve ventured into the city for dinner. Amazing tofu with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. Moving onto satay chicken, quail eggs and pineapple and then finally chocolate mousse.

But, this is what I love. Sitting by the pool and letting my mind just…lose focus.

It’s funny, when I find a song I like, I listen to it over and over again and go into a zone. It takes over and pumps me up. It inspires me to wiggle around in my lounge chair and get my fingers dancing across the keyboard.

It doesn’t help me come up with a brilliant thought but it helps me feel good.

It helps me enjoy paradise even more.

And just like the song says in its title, it makes me feel Safe and Sound.

Even if it is only for nine days.


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