Happy IDPWD!

I’m struggling.

Really, I am.

You would think by now I would be down with it.

You would think I would be out and proud about it.

Some days I am ok with it. Some days I even embrace it.

Most of the people I know who have a disability are cool with it. It’s who they are and they aren’t ashamed.

I really envy that confidence.

For me, I wasn’t born with my disability.

I was born with a chronic illness. While I knew it made me different, it wasn’t severe.

To be brutally honest, when I saw people with a disability, I got scared. I found it too confronting to be around.

But one day my condition got worse and I had to deal with it. I had to make the decision to get a walking frame and damn it was hard.

It took me a while to accept it and when people suggested I try out wheelchairs and scooters, I said hell no.

Yes I tried them in the end but I never went that extra mile and bought one.

And I still haven’t.

The funny thing is that while I still haven’t accepted my own disability, I have come to love the community.

While I haven’t gone as far as being able to yell out “crip pride!” I have met so many wonderful people within the disability community. People who are passionate about equality, passionate about spreading the word about the NDIS and passionate about themselves.

I’ve never had the courage to stand up and fight for our community and so on this day, International Day for People with a Disability, I say thank you to those who are passionate.

Thank you for being proud of who you are. Thank you for fighting the fight.


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