New chapter

Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog entry about my desire to find an apartment.

I had just moved out of my apartment due to a number of reasons and I was sure that I was destined to live the rest of my life with my parents.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that (well, there are a number of things wrong with that, but you get the idea, right?).

We knew that I would have to move out again but things happened and occasionally we would check out a place but nothing seemed right.

Of course there were a couple of places that seemed ideal. However, there was always something missing or it was in the wrong location.

It took over a year of searching when reality kicked it.

I was going to have to start from scratch and buy something off the plan.

After researching a few developments it became clear that they were too small and didn’t have appropriate parking. There’s a new stacking system where cars drive into a parking spot, you get out of the car and then a lift lifts the car up.

Can you imagine me dragging Scarlet out of the car in time?

Hell no!

Somehow we heard of a development in a suburb nearby. Perfect location. Parking situation? Underground parking without the stacking system! Elevator as well! I could live in an apartment not on the ground level!

The apartments were somewhat bigger than the average off the plan apartments and the developer was flexible. He was willing to make adjustments to the plans and work with me to make it accessible.

Of course people told me that it would take a lot longer than the developer promised. Of course people questioned its size and location.

But 1.5 years later I am a few days away from moving in. Yes, I am nervous about owning my own place and paying the bills. Yet I am so excited about having my own place and making it my own.

I’m starting 2014 in my own home and I really can’t think of a better way of starting the new year.


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