Feed me, Seymour!

The other night I was sitting on my res throne, eating a banana and watching Home Alone.Kevin had just declared war on the robbers as it was his home and he had to defend it.

He got it.

This is my apartment and I have to defend it. Well, I just have to get it ready to live in.

I have to make it mine.

People have told me not to buy furniture straight away, that I have to get to know it first.

I get that.

But even just setting it up with old and borrowed furniture is a big deal.

Setting it up is tiring.

And other things are going on at the moment that are mentally and emotionally exhausting.

The thing about me is that when all these things are happening I lose my appetite and I don’t eat. That’s not true. I do eat but I can never finish a meal and I end up feeling nauseous.

If you know me, you know I’m skinny. You’d also know that if I don’t eat I don’t have much energy. If I don’t have any energy I can’t do much.

Oh , and watch out for my mood when I am weak! I’m not very pleasant .

Simply put, I need to eat and drink.

If you happen to see me, run into me or pop in for a visit to my new fantastic apartment, please tell me to eat something or better yet, hand me a chocolate bar. I may not respond gracefully but will be ever so grateful.


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