Happy New Year

I’ve been trying to write something for the new year. I’ve been trying to come up with resolutions but I just can’t.

None of the resolutions I’ve come up seem important to me.

As I get ready for a night of…who knows what, I’ve finally realized something.

The most important thing is to be happy.

I can’t dwell on all the negative stuff. All of that just causes stress and drama.

All I want is to wake up every morning and have something that makes me smile.

At the moment it’s my new apartment.

It’s also connecting with people and making new friends.

These are the things that make smile and makes me feel ever so thankful.

I am not going to focus on what lies ahead.

I am going to focus on the now.

While I cry as I write this I allow the smile to spread across my face.

Thank you to those who have made me feel happy.

I hope you know who you are.

Happy New Year xo


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Brilliant thoughts Tully. That is a decision I too made some years ago, I stared reading good books, blogging, gardening, learning how to exercise (still working on that one). Enjoying my family and my friends. I never realised until I looked back what a huge impact that decision had on my life.

    Bless you heaps for sharing your journey.

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