I’m finally out there!

On International Day of People with Disability last year I wrote about my lack of confidence in speaking up for myself and the disability community in general. I thanked those who are brave enough to speak for us. I hope that they read it and believed it.

The thing is I still lack that confidence and would never be able to stand up in front of a big crowd and speak up for my community. It’s just not who I am.

However I do have a voice and I do want to stand up and support my peers in some manner of speaking.

My blog is one way. It does reach a group of people but mostly they are my friends, family and colleagues. They already support the cause and there is no need to inform them.

So my dilemma is, how do I reach the broader community?

How do I inform people of the importance of the NDIS? How the NDIS will enable people to live their lives to the fullest.

How do I grapple with and explain to others the changes to the disability support pension which is supposedly a way to encourage people back into the workforce?

How do I open up, explore and humanize the world of disability to the able-bodied?

I could stand on the street and hand out pamphlets to people passing by. But how many people actually read those, let alone actually take one?

I could do it through my monthly newsletter I send out but that is for a specific audience, those who live with a disability or support people with a disability.

I could do it through online magazines, but I find they also target a specific audience and they don’t need to be preached to.

Not that I want to preach, I just want to encourage a dialogue between the disability sector and the so-called average Joe.

And I have found a way.

The Yooralla marketing team have given me a fabulous opportunity. They have given me a space where I can share my thoughts and 211,000 readers every fortnight from across Australia will be able to read them.

So tomorrow morning, on your way to work, when you pass your local Big Issue salesman, you may want to grab a copy.

As of tomorrow I will be writing a column for the Big Issue called Tully Talks.

Spread the word, people. I’m finally out there.


4 thoughts on “I’m finally out there!

  1. Tully. I’m so proud of you. I’m passing this on via my Facebook page and I’m going to buy The Big Issue all the time now & not only occasionally. I’m going to leave my copy in the train so MORE people read it.

    Such a huge step forward. You have a voice and it’s growing stronger.

  2. tully, i have just come in from glenhuntly rd. and guess what i have in my car, THE BIG ISSUE. i always buy mine from the guy in front of snappy legs. how wonderful that i will be sharing your words with sooooooo many others. i guess you never know what is around the corner, do you tul.

  3. Hi Tully – fabulous news – can’t wait to get a copy! Have shared your blog link with your fellow LFT supporters and graduates.

  4. The big issue is great. Well done. Don’t worry about speaking and not feeling confident. Only one thing is necessary and that is to be yourself. You will I am sure be given many opportunities to speak in many different ways. The confidence will come as you step out.

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