Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and this years focus is on technology. At first I didn’t know what to focus on but then it hit me – Online Shopping!

I Love technology. I love playing with my iPhone. I love how I can record my voice and write this piece without actually typing. I can ask Siri for directions and she shows me the way. Technology has helped make my life a lot easier.

I use a walking frame to get around. Can you imagine what it would be like dragging it around a tightly fitted shop? There’s no room between the ailes and clothes often get caught on the handles.

There came a point when I decided clothes shopping wasn’t for me.

Then I went and bought an espresso machine. The machine is easy to use and pretty quick. The only thing is the Nespresso shops are hard to get to. I was facing a dilemma when I ran out of coffee pods. How was I going to fix my coffee problem?

Lastly,I moved out of home and realised that shopping for food wasn’t easy. I can’t push around a trolley and the basket in my frame can carry only so much. How was I going to buy my milk, my bread and laundry detergent?

Then a friend turned to me one day and said why don’t you try online shopping?

I had never thought of the idea. I didn’t have a credit card and I always thought that online shopping wasn’t safe. But after a few lessons from friends and family and after organising a direct debit credit card, I was ready to take on online shopping.

Through the use of the Internet I was able to find shops that delivered to my door. Funky clothes shops with decent prices. I also learnt that Target provides online shopping as well. I discovered that Coles delivered food to peoples homes.

Through the use of technology people are able to access goods without leaving their homes. People with chronic illnesses and physical disabilities are able to save their energy by only having to use their fingertips.

People with chronic illnesses and physical disabilities are able to explore the world and find resources that may not be available in their own home town.

As an Ambassador for Yooralla, we have put together this YouTube clip about Accessibility in the City of Melbourne.


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