New Direction

For the last month I’ve been pretty upbeat. I’ve been telling people that I have had a glass half full kind of attitude. Things have been going well for me.

My work has been challenging lately but I’ve been learning so many new skills. Let’s just say if I ever apply for another job, I will have to update my resume.

When I was given the opportunity to write for the Big Issue, I was so excited. I never thought that I would become a ‘columnist’. I never really thought that my blogging would lead to anything. So, I went a little hysterical when I was told the news and was bursting to tell the world. When my first column came out I was able to tell the world. When I say the world I mean my little world, consisting of family, family friends, friends and co-workers. The idea that nearly 200,000 people would read it never really hit me. Even when I shared this fact with people, it didn’t register.

It finally clicked when I went to the Spot café one morning and the barista casually mentioned that he had seen my picture somewhere. He then went on to thank me because in that particular column I had mentioned the café, thanking them for bringing coffee to my car when the weather is terrible and my body just isn’t listening to me. My reaction to this was to stammer out some kind of acknowledgement as I went bright red and had an extreme desire to run and hide.

Since then I have received more positive feedback and I am learning to embrace it and enjoy it. And boy, I really do need to learn that quickly!

Since I was offered to write a column for the Big Issue something else has happened. I was so excited by the Big Issue I thought that there couldn’t be anything better. What could be better than having my name in print?

Seeing my name in print in a number of publications!

Somehow the Marketing and Communications team at my work have decided to take me on one day a week. As of two weeks ago I have started working five days a week. My Tuesday and Friday afternoons are no longer free for me to have long leisurely lunches with friends or watching my favourite show, the Ellen Show. Now on Tuesday and Friday mornings I have to prepare two bags for the day – my handbag and a bag filled with a second outfit for the afternoon. After I finish my gym session, I have to quickly grab a take-away coffee (and my two short-bread biscuits) and drive into the city.

Since it’s only my third week I am still finding my feet. My role seems to be evolving every day but what I really like is at the core of it, is my writing. They want me to write for myself, for my blog and find my voice. They want me to develop my writing skills and make a name for myself.

I may have mentioned before that I have two degrees. One is a Bachelor in Social Work and the other is a Bachelor in Arts where I majored in cinema studies and creative writing. I never thought that one day my training would come in handy.


4 thoughts on “New Direction

  1. i got the big issue today and relived your adventure in bali last year. a big smile came to my face. and a year later, even more door are opened for you. very well deserved Tully. the universe is very proud of you.

  2. Tully, you know much I enjoy reading your work. You have the voice of “every girl” and it’s cheeky, with a little but of humility. Keep sharing.

  3. Its about time somebody discovered your talents. I agree with Rosewarts’ comments. What i like about your writing is your open and frank feelings you display in a clear way. What a shame we may not have big conversations about the problems of the world as we had in the past. Will miss them.

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