My challenge to Fifi Box

A well-known radio host shared a personal experience on air and this segment was repeated throughout the day to promote her morning radio show.

 This lady went to the supermarket recently and parked her car out front. When she returned from grocery shopping she noticed that the people around her car were staring at her. To her surprise she realised that she had mistakenly parked in a disabled spot. Instead of looking apologetic or moving her car, she went back into the shops and hid, then decided to limp the rest of the way to her car.

She chose to share this story with Melbourne and instead of apologising for her behaviour, she and her co-host laughed. By doing so, Fifi Box has encouraged people to think it’s ok to park in a Disabled Parking Spot. I believe that it is important for someone in the media, especially mainstream media, to have a social and moral responsibility by setting good examples to their listeners, their watchers and the community.

I challenge Fifi Box to spend a day with me – and see what it’s really like trying to find a parking space and living with a disability in Melbourne.


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